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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hazards of biking

This is basically what I go through on a weekly basis:
out of control

The Dutch biker made a nice maneuver at the end.

I currently use a fixed-year-gear with a reversible hub that you can convert to "suicide" mode by flipping the wheel (a flip-flop hub).

I should have gotten one of these bikes long ago. This chrome-moly "model" from Cross Lake Sales has no brand but it doesn't matter because they likely all get built in the same factory. I had a weird situation where the freewheel lost its ratchet during a period of near-freezing weather and I had to partly coast it home. But then it fixed itself a day later. It coasts very quietly so I think the freewheel has a tight margin on how efficiently it grabs. For under $300 these should be everywhere.

Cross Lake Sales