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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Blog Of The Year?

Right-wing blogs will never mention oil depletion issues because raising future challenges does not work out in their best interest. I do not frequent all the winger and theo-thug sites, but given the fact that when even conservative financial rags pay lip-service to peak-oil and energy independence, the fact that nary a whisper emanates from the right-side of the blogosphere leads me to question their worth (apart from entertainment purposes). For instance, I googled the powerlineblog.com domain and found only a couple of hits with combinations of the terms "oil", "depletion", "crisis", and "independence", examples (here and here). And nothing referencing "Peak Oil" itself.

And when they talk about it at all, it gets wrapped in politics:
I thought President Bush's speech was excellent. The beginning was dramatic and, while nothing in politics leaves me colder than laundry lists of new and expanded government programs, I thought the domestic portion of the speech was OK. In some instances, Bush may or may not have called for bold initiatives. For example, pledging greater energy independence has been standard practice for twenty-five years. But I'd like to see Bush really push the issue of drilling for oil on the North Slope, and force the Democrats to defend their priorities.

Say, assMissile, did you notice that Conoco deals ANWR drilling a blow, showing that "two of the largest operators on Alaska's North Slope are no longer actively advocating exploration in the refuge". Better off trying to force massive corporations to defend their priorities.

So now, Time Magazine selected the PowerBoatLine bloggers as the blog of the year. Besides speed-typing doctrine, they have recently maintained in what may turn out an endless vendetta against Mpls Star-Tribune columnist Nick Coleman (but not the similarly paid Star-Tribune columnist James Lileks) for speaking his mind.

As part of his opinion pieces, Nick Coleman had the temerity to suggest to readers that they consider pulling their money out of TCF National Bank, where one of the PowerLiner's has a "day job".

I proposed a similar idea last month on the MOBJ blog when a Friend of PowerLine (FOP) dismissed the "It's all about oil" idiots and I responded:
What else to do but boycott the companies that these guys work for. I am seriously considering pulling all my money out of Twin City Federal National Bank, where Scott Johnson, Esq. works as a Vice President, and explaining to TCF management exactly why I am doing that.

And dog-gone it that I was not ridiculed by another FOP:
Why would you do that?
Scott Johnson didn't say that. Why not just correct The Elder? Here is your forum. Blog back! What one thing did The Elder say that wasn't correct, that wasn't true? Nail him on it, if you can (Which you can't, by the way). You just don't like being put in your place, and I can't blame you. No one does. But get over it. It's not a fist fight. It's the internet; where we flame our opposition with witty and sometimes spiteful jabs. Prove you're as talented a blogger. Prove I should read your page. Taking your money out of TCF is like taking your toys and going home. Are you a blogger or a mouse? Sheees!

And I know that FOP and Northern Radio Alliance cohost "The Elder" himself knew about this post, having memory-holed it from his FratersLibertas site here.

But now look who has taken their toys and started the long walk home:
Bill Cooper, Chairman and CEO of TCF Financial Corporation, wrote the following letter to the Publisher of the Star Tribune:
While I have disagreed with the Star Tribune on many issues, I respect with all my heart your right of freedom of the press and free speech. Apparently Nick Coleman does not share these values.

To suggest that customers of TCF Bank should move their money because of a TCF employee's blogging activities (an exercise of free speech) is just wrong. To suggest that an employer of an individual who exercises free speech rights should be punished is, I am sure, a violation of journalistic ethics and perhaps a legal issue.

Just for the record, the first time I ever heard of Power Line (which I have never read) was when I read about it in Time Magazine. To suggest that TCF or I am somehow the creator or supporter of Power Line is simply not true. Incidentally, Mr. Coleman never contacted me to ask if I was behind it (another example of great journalism!).

One thing I can assure you of is that if your columnists can suggest that people stop banking at TCF because of the political activities of one of its employees, TCF will never spend another dollar on advertising in the Star Tribune as long as I am Chairman..
-- emphasis provided by uncorrelated
Very rich indeed, one Bill Cooper, former Chairman of the Minnesota GOP, not being aware of this future-changing technology that Powerline and HughHewitt go ga-ga over. The fact that TCF management is obviously so clueless about both their own employees and cutting-edge technology only strengthens arguments to pull money out of the bank (synopsis of TCF's modus operandi here).

This is where the power lies:
Former President George Bush visits fund-raiser in Minnetonka
Bush mingled with guests at the private reception at the Lake Minnetonka home of Bill Cooper, CEO of TCF Financial Corp. and former chairman of the state Republican Party.


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