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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Piling On

Now it's getting personal.
The Elder at fraters libertas: To the sneering punks who called Bush a smirking chimp, the conspiracy nutjobs who couldn't say four words without Halliburton dribbling out of their mouth, the goons who tried to shut down GOP campaign offices, the morons who think Bush is an idiot, the defeatists who encourage our enemies while demanding that we don't dare question their patriotism, the thugs who painted swastikas on Bush campaign signs, the sophists spouting "regime change begins at home", the historically challenged fools who compare Bush to Hitler, the "It's all about oil" idiots, the Fahrenheit 911 watching simpletons, the delusional paranoids who claim that fascism is now upon us, the self-important nobodies who fancy that their dissent is even worth crushing, and the disaffected expatriates who trash our president and country overseas to curry favor with their Euro buddies, I have a simple message using the straightforward words of Dick Cheney:

Go *!@? yourselves.

The Elder is part of a strange coalition of bloggers and radio and print personalities, known as the Northern Alliance Radio Network (not to be confused with the Afghani Northern Alliance). I have not been able to understand why a such a coalition exists. The harmless explanation is that they are trying to recapture the feeling of an adolescent fraternalistic community. However since many of these people are corporate lawyers and belong to right-wing dink-tanks such as Claremont Institute, including Hugh Hewitt and the PowerLine bloggers (John Hinderaker and Scott Johnson), their Wurlitzer-formation seems more sinister in intent.

What else to do but boycott the companies that these guys work for. I am seriously considering pulling all my money out of Twin City Federal National Bank, where Scott Johnson, Esq. works as a Vice President, and explaining to TCF management exactly why I am doing that.

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Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would you do that? Scott Johnson didn't say that. Why not just correct The Elder? Here is your forum. Blog back! What one thing did The Elder say that wasn't correct, that wasn't true? Nail him on it, if you can (Which you can't, by the way). You just don't like being put in your place, and I can't blame you. No one does. But get over it. It's not a fist fight. It's the internet; where we flame our opposition with witty and sometimes spiteful jabs. Prove you're as talented a blogger. Prove I should read your page. Taking your money out of TCF is like taking your toys and going home. Are you a blogger or a mouse? Sheees!

10:07 AM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

The thing I don't agree with The Elder is the thing I put in bold letters.

And I especially like the bait and switch on rhetoric skills vs. the power of money.

5:29 PM  

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