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Saturday, November 06, 2004

A 1/4 of a tank

Due to the 50% of the eligible population not voting, Dave Johnson points out that about 75% of the population either explicitly or implicitly supports Bush. That means that only 25% felt compelled enough about fundamental flaws to vote against the current administration. If oil depletion awareness ever reached 25%, the USA could start treating this issue seriously. That won't happen now for any time soooooon, as this cautionary note from Daily Kos concerning the new theocracy warns:
They will complete their overhaul of the Energy, Agriculture, Interior and EPA, which are already ridden with theocrats who reject the theory of evolution, and thus the concept of "fossil fuels", believing instead that their god has placed energy resources in the earth in just the right amounts for human domination of nature.

Which provokes me to search for a quote from ~DS~ on what the slippery slope of theocracy ultimately leads to
3) Another area of concern most of America and I share is the subject of Theocracy. Most Americans could care less about Evolution VS IDC, but they don’t want to see the nation turned into a Christian version of the Taliban. One only has to look to Saudi Arabia or Iran to get a chilliong glimpse into the future for America that some extremist Christians hope and pray comes to pass in this country. Do you advocate a Christian Theocratic government to replace the current secular government we live under?
(I heartily endorse free thought, open discussion and information. I prefer a two party system and democracy over one party theocracies)

And guess which theocracy currently holds the oil wild card?

Update: Swampdawg on Digby's Hullabaloo comments on the only solution (which equally applies to oil depletion awareness):
NO...No...No... It will take pain. There cannot be any other way. There has never been any other way. The "religious" will have to be shaken from the opium trance they're in. I've gotten enough people off needles to know this. It's common knowledge. The addict has to hit ROCK BOTTOM to figure out that it's time for a REAL healin'.
Theocratic totalitarianism ... Peak Oil decompression ... each a manifestation of the delirium tremors. Could be the only way to snap some sense into the American public.


Professor Blogger DarkSyde said...

% % We're all falling into the Virgo Supercluster, the Virgo super cluster, the Virgo supercluster. % %..we're all falling into the Virgo supercluster and we'll all meet in the event horizon theeeeere!Sorry ... sometimes it helps to be fatalistic when pondering the religous right.

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