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Sunday, October 24, 2004

A Beautiful Check List

I spotted this on the otherwise vapid Yahoo! RunningOnEmpty2 group. Arlo, from Ontario, critiqued the Tom Bearden MEG site with his own special criteria:
  1. Claim of free-energy device? Check!
  2. Claims that terrorists/soviet-kgb/yakuza/etc have had the technology for years? Check!
  3. Terrorists using weather control by these "scalar electromagnetic waves? Check!
  4. Conspiracies everywhere? Check!
  5. Suppression of inventions/discoveries by Governments/Companies? Check!
  6. Standard vague "Chemtrails" reference? Check!
  7. References to "scalar waves" with no explanations? Check!
  8. Conspiracies and suppression? Double-check!
  9. Using these devices to cure nearly all known diseases and afflictions? Check!
  10. Using these devices as weapons to GIVE people diseases (ie: flesh eating disease and the Gulf War dieases)? Check!
  11. Mind control paranoia? Check!
  12. Solutions to all energy problems? Check!
  13. No references to claims of new discoveries? Check!
  14. The Apocolypse will be the result of suppression of his ideas? Check!
  15. Reference to Revelations and how it's coming because of SEM? Check!
  16. 'MEG will be sold in 2003', but missed deadline? Check!
  17. References to a NWO (New World Order)? Check!
  18. The Shuttle explosions and TWA 800 were caused by scalar EM weapons? Check!
  19. Makes possible faster than light travel and "transporters"? Check!
  20. Explains all of the particulars about UFO's? Check!
  21. Explains crop circles? Check!
  22. Vague pictures of lights in the sky, satellite photos and endless pictures of clouds as proof of all of the above? heck!

As a bonus he observes the same web site "quality" which I find pernicious in wacko sites:
PS: I'm getting awfully tired of wading through sites like these..
either one huge-ass rambling page, unsorted or barely sorted random
rambling pages, or worst... a combination of both. How about some
organization guys?

Organization? From a lucid mine? Not unless he's impersonating John Nash.


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