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Monday, October 18, 2004

The Price of LOilalty

Reality-based discussions have become the rage after Ron Suskind's article on Bush in Sunday's NYT.

Tony Danza/Joe Piscopo-lookalike editor of
World Oil Magazine bases his reality of "political solutions" to oil issues against Peak Oil doomsters' predictions by bringing up situations where two famous popular prognosticators have misjudged in the past.
says:"Jeanne Dixon was an astrologer and a pretty prophesier who wrote books, co-starred in a few B-grade movies, and made many wonderfully vague predictions, mostly in pulp newspapers.
Nostradamus was the master of vagueness and lack of timing, and the most prolific, having written 942 prophetic poems, which is why his legacy will undoubtedly outlast all of us."

This type of argument doesn't stick. It truly is amazing what shills for the industry will dredge up to support their bosses.

Update: The editorial quoted above predated the reality-based era by several months. But then again he may have accidentally predicted it. As Danza would say, Fonkin-A.


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