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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


The 'Peak Oil' cult lays out a very silly argument against misguided fools who think they understand the reality of oil depletion. Although the title of the article clearly contains the Koresh/Jim Jones frightword, the financial writer masterfully frames codewords signifying cultish tendencies without ever making the kool-aid drinking accusation.
  • cataclysmic
  • near-mystical ritual
  • looming global catastrophe
  • gurus
  • high priest
  • cataclysm
  • cataclysm

And this is how the article ends:
So long as human ingenuity is allowed to flourish, there will be no peak.

Translation: If I can write creatively enough, my readers will be convinced to not pay attention to all warnings to the contrary.

That my friends is an example of projection (wondering aloud about your own inadequacies in the guise of a perceived adversary), innoculution (accusing others first of what they may accuse you of), and the sure signs of a real reactionary cult.

New interesting "cult-like" Peak Oil website at Dry Disptick.


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