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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Solar Powered Kerry

Listening to the AirAmerica radio program, Ring of Fire, host Robert Kennedy Jr. related the story of how John Kerry convinced Robert's brother Max to accompany him on a windsurfing trip from Woods Hole to Nantucket, a stretch of 40 miles.
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Kennedy also mentioned that no cameras or media recorded the event; apparently when they got there, they simply turned around and went back¹.

BTW, this was in the context of an entertaining segment on which candidate Sports Illustrated considered the best athlete, Kerry or Bush. According to the editor, Kerry bested Bush on athletic prowess, contrary to what the reader's poll said. To be fair to Bush, they forgot to mention the president currently prefers mountain biking to running (which he doesn't do as much anymore due to chronic knee problems) and that he once played Rugby.

¹Kerry went back? He must have Flip-Flopped!


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