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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Wack Enviro Course

On a sliding scale, this college class on People and the Environment has to max out the right-wing annoyance level.

From the looks of the course description, the field of ecology remains healthy. Part of the syllabus includes:
  • Natural Systems
  • Food Webs & Human Population
  • Species & Extinction
  • Water: Lakes & Aquatic Ecosystems
  • Water: the ultimate resource conflict?
  • Soil & Food Toxins in Food: Mercury Pollution
  • The Secret History of Lead
  • Mercury & Energy
  • Energy & Climate Change [Wackos, Idiots, and Ozone]
  • Superfund & Waste Issues

I once took a course on limnology, higher on the tech content, but brutal and dry. I don't particularly recall the use of the terms Wackos and Idiots, though.

The course description links to The Real Price Of Gas.

Kudos to Bemidji State University.


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