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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Conservation Issues

Along with oil, the humor reserve has crept dangerously low.

This "satirical" piece on Peak Oil does not rate highly on the Fafnir scale. Dead serious, yes, but fabricating fictional interviews really does not work. The only thing less amusing than this tactic is to compose a word-poem, and then ask the reader to sing to the melody of "____". Remember that there are a limited number of laughs in the universe, and this is not the time to waste words wantonly.

Speaking of shortages of non-renewable resources, the ConservaBabes consortium highlights the paucity of babealiciousness. According to the shrillsters on the forum, Michael Moore has been luring the prime babes to the other side, and the fellow must simply be stopped before the gauge reads empty! After all, the fashion transformation to wearing baseball caps, oversize glasses, and not shaving is irreversible.


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