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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Radio Shows

Peter Maass was interviewed on Air America's Majority Report radio show today. An excerpt of his Mother Jones article "A Touch of Crude" concerning Equatorial Guinea oil intrigue is available online. Given that it contains more information on Mark Thatcher's supposed dealings in a coup d'etat, it might be worthwhile to pick up the complete article from the rack.

James Howard Kunstler also called in to Marc Maron on Air America's Morning Sedition radio show this morning. Although not as raunchy as he got on the documentary "The End Of Suburbia", this guy is way too real and biting to appear in any other media. Seeing that monkeygrinder has him on his blogroll, I should catch up on his writings.

Update: Some more info is available from the Air America blogs. This photo history montage is illuminating.
Maass's opinion is that the US will not do anything while our current administration has corporate access to the oil (Chevron, etc). Janeane challenged that the US would likely go in to gain control should the eventuality of complete chaos set in.


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