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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Spam Extremes

Not exactly a huge ground swell, but the Nigerian E-mail scams have started to refer to the promise of oil riches. The two following snippets appeared in my inbox within a day of each other:
Dear Sir/Madam
I am Dr. Fred Azu, Chief Accountant with Beagon Oil Nigeria Ltd, foreign Oil Company based in Lagos-Nigeria. Beagon Oil Company was involved in ...
Att= SIR
We write to inform you that we have thrown it out to search for an agent that will be marketing our Crude oil for us in foreign countries, that Nigerian gorvernment has given the Crude oil association the power to search for their own agent in over sea. ...

But then we find the oxymoronic sincere spam concerning oil depletion from the inbox of the Peak Oil blogger:
This non-commercial email is being distributed as a public service.

Peak Oil and the Extinction of Humanity
Global conventional oil production peaked in 2000 and has remained about level since then. We are at the top of the "bell curve" for global oil production. It is expected that we will start sliding down the back side of the bell curve starting about 2008. The decline in oil production will be precipitous and humanity is about to go over a cliff. By 2025, global oil production is predicted to be reduced by about 50%.
We will know all of this for certain when we have the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. However, oil experts are shouting from the rooftops now, if anyone will listen. Do an Internet search for "peak oil" or "oil production peak" and see for yourself.

Huge volumes of junk email and spam have gone under the bridge to get to these nuggets of wisdom:
If you deduct the energy cost of resource wars from the already low Energy Profit Ratio (EPR) of oil, it is readily apparent that these wars would be a waste of energy.
If you want to build a post-petroleum economy you need to do it while there is still enough oil.

I must be hitting rock bottom; reading other people's spam.

Hate to meta-blog, but this commenter's quote from the Libertarian Girl blog is too funny to pass up:
At 12/31/2004 03:28:16 PM, Henry said…

I'm jealous. You already have commenters and a readership on your 2nd day. The only people who read me, is well, me.

I finally got some random person, but I hate it when people post anonymously without leaving a name.

Just look at that photo, can you say g-r-o-u-p-i-e-s, Henry?

New Year's prediction: The photo comes down when she has to start paying for extra bandwidth.


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