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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


If it hasn't sunk in yet, Wisconsin and Oregon would consider this little tyke a lawbreaker.
At the start of the trial it was clear that neither the Judge nor the Officer understood just what a fixed-gear bicycle was. To help them visualize, Ginsberg likened a fixie to a child’s Big Wheel. Once everyone was clear and the cop was finished with his opening testimony, Ginsberg began his cross-examination:

Ginsberg (to Officer Barnum):
“When you approached the rider did she stop?”

Officer Barnum:

“How’d she stop the bike?”

Officer Barnum:
“I don’t know.”

“The gear itself stopped the bike.”

Officer Barnum:
“But the gear is not a brake.”


Now it was time for Officer Barnum to ask questions. He asked Holland,
“What would you do if your chain broke?”

“I would use my feet.”

Officer Barnum:
“What if your leg muscles had a spasm?”

“I’m not sure…these are emergency situations.”

Ginsberg interjected with a question for Holland:
“Did any of these situations happen on the day you were stopped?”



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