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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Hot Gas

We should monitor this story as it winds its way into common wisdom or an urban legend.

"Hot Gas" Shorting Drivers $2.3 Billion And Who Cares?

The issue boils down to whether underground-stored gasoline cools off or retains its heat from transport. If the latter, the gasoline's volume expansion upon increasing temperatures means that consumers can get skimmed on the order of few cents to the gallon.

And speaking of hot air, don't you agree that this introspective article reads a bit on the precious side?
I came to the realization that no combination of alternative energy strategies was the messiah I had long thought. This was an emotional period in my life. ...
Please, put me out of my virtual misery before treacle like that emanates from this here anonymous blog.

Word of the day:
alternative energy sources /n. phr./ 1. New locations to drill for gas and oil. 2. Coal mines.
-- English-Winglish Dictionary (updated)


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