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Thursday, August 31, 2006

I Like Mike

I listen to the radio every chance I get. Having it on in the background doesn't bother me and I consider it an auxiliary source of breaking news. At about this time in the evening I relax to the soothing sounds of Mike Malloy on XM satellite radio courtesy of Air America. Unfortunately, sometime this week the suits at AAR showed extreme rudeness in dumping the Malloy show.

The Malloy lexicon has embedded itself into many a cranium:
  • "Hello Truth Seekers!"
  • "Have I told you yet today how much I hate these people?"
  • "The Bush Crime Family"
  • "Bunny Pants"
  • "Chuckle Nuts"
  • "Pickles Bush"
  • "Watch your back!"
  • "Goodnight Kevin Kinney, Wherever you are."
Some people say that Malloy displays mainly rage with little substance. Au contraire, of all the AAR hosts, he shows the most knowledge on the U.S.'s energy dependence, and has understood well the issues of Peak Oil, global warming, and blood for oil since I started listening to him about two years ago, like here or here or here or here or here or here or here.

Sign the petition to bring back Mike

Contrast the passion of Malloy with the desperate conniving opportunism of the right-wing radio nuts. Case in point, consider Hugh Hewitt (aka Spew Spewitt) who works under syndication to the Salem Communications corporation. Well, what do we discover but that Will McBride, son-in-law of the Chairman of Salem and family friend of Karl Rove has this week had the run of corporate son Hewitt's radio show in pursuit of unseating floundering favorite Katherine Harris for the Republican primary in the Florida senate race. Nothing that the sleaze radio merchants won't do to retain power and prevent the truth from coming out.

I pity the people that use radio as their only source of info. The corporatists at Salem and Clear Channel have got a lock on that particular media outlet and tell their 'minions to whine like babies and puppies when someone else usurps their self-proclaimed, urine-scented "territory". (I caught wind of that when Hewitt whined about AAR's Sam Seder hogging the spotlight when the two guested on Tucker Carlson's show. Best of all Seder read my note of his micro-rant over the air and doubly pawned Spewitt ... HaHa Hugh-baby.) Yet, even if we let them have their way, too bad that they refuse to understand that conventional broadcast radio has only a brief time left in its current carnation. I feel that in no time at all we will have an explosion in broadcast communications technology. WiFi, different types of podcast, Satellite radio, internet streaming, Bluetooth, cell phone radio, and power-line carrier transmission will open up the broadcast spectrum so that the right will no longer have the stranglehold over the spoken word. As John Dewey said (thanks to Alterman on Seder's show this evening): "Democracy begins in conversation". I would add that Dominionism thrives in blind toady servitude.

Words of the Day:
   Petrofascists - Members of The Bush Crime Family
  Clownish Hag - defined


Professor Blogger Saipan Chamoale said...

Will you help me google bomb Katherine Harris? When people search for the phrase "Clownish Hag," I want the first google result to be her campaign website. It is easy to do. Just put the phrase "clownish hag" somewhere on your blog and then link to her campaign website at: http://www.electharris.org. Thanks!

12:04 AM  
Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! Lame!

3:59 PM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

Lame: A type of fabric.

What prompts the excitement? Was it gold, perhaps?

10:11 PM  

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