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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Technology Will Save Us

To achieve greater energy dependence, we must put technology to work so we can harness the power of clean coal. -- G.W.Bush
Of course, Bush misspoke when talking today at an SBA conference in Washington. (Or did he? You never know.) The WaPo placed the theme as Bush Touts Technology to Solve Energy Woes. Not clear how that will happen, although he did mention nuclear, hydrogen, and ethanol as options. For the latter, maybe some bio-tech thrown in for good measure to achieve better than pathetic yields?
Advances in technology will also allow us to open up new areas to environmentally responsible exploration for oil and natural gas, including the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. (Applause.) Technology now makes it possible to reach ANWR's hydrocarbons by drilling on just 2,000 acres of the 19 million acres of land. That's just one-tenth of 1 percent of ANWR's total area. Because of the advances in technology, we can reach the oil deposits with almost no impact on land or local wildlife. (Applause.)
And no impact on our energy needs.

Mike Malloy of Air America Radio played several clips from the address, and Bush certainly sounds as confused as ever. At one point Bush said "Marrels of Oil" in a slip of the tongue. Malloy lit off by pointing out Bush's trivialization of real conservation initiatives, be they hybrid cars or bicycles or hot-air balloons or our own damn feet; and then concluded: "There isn't any more oil, George".

Basically, we got dealt a WHAT-ME-WORRY from BushCo.


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