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Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Air America Radio keeps ramping up their energy issue-related talk quotient. Tonight, Mike Malloy pulled out a vintage audio bumper of Bush explaining his own deep thoughts about our energy future.

I tried refactoring this paragraph because I believe the reporters screwed up the punctuation and could not quite translate BushSpeak. In reality, it said:
"Overtime is technology. Is going to change the way we live for. The good for the environment." said the President. "That's why I proposed a hydrogen-automobile-hydrogen (H2Au) generated automobile. We're spending $1 billion to come. Up with the technologies to do that! (... points to sky or heavens ... )

We must remind ourselves that the president thinks on a different astral plane than us mere mortals. He has it all figured out and we have yet to keep up.

Malloy further predicted the last people able to afford gasoline, those driving Cadillac SUVs, will eventually get pulled from their vehicles and get eaten on the spot by the ravenous hordes.


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