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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Humpty Dumpty

Monkeygrinder posted an image of the world's biggest shooting target, illustrating the difficulty in trying to secure everything on God's green Earth.

The tanker pic begs for a bit of creative doctoring:

What David Appel says:
I see that the bastards have won this ANWR round. I wonder how many of them have spent any time in the wilderness themselves, how many value untrammeled wilderness for the glory that it is. Probably none of them.... New Rule: all new members of Congress shall be required to spend one month backpacking through America's wilderness areas. Only then shall they be permitted to take office.

And we should force all congressman to mass transit commute to work once a week, as Amtrak nears death, BushCo readies it for privateering or plundering (via Atrios).


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