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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


If you can keep track of the odometer in cars you've owned AND you use airlines that keep track of frequent flyer mileage for you, try out the following experiment:

Miles driven in own car = 60,000+
Miles flown via frequent flyer = 152,000+
Miles flown otherwise = 50,000+ (guessing on this)

Typical MPG own car = 25
Typical MPG per airliner passenger = 52

Total fuel used via car = 2400 gallons
Total fuel used via airplane = 3800 gallons

Even though I don't consider myself the typical commuter, the numbers still surprised me. In the past whenever someone started complaining about airline delays, I would reply "at least we don't have to travel by covered wagon". Henceforth, I will say: "treasure these times".


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