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Friday, August 18, 2006

Fort Apache, The Bronx

Actually Fort Greene, Brooklyn, where community board members vote against bicyclists:
The objections expressed at the board’s last meeting before its summer hiatus were, by and large, not about the details of the plan. And it wasn’t that the board members were blessed with more local knowledge than the bureaucrats. Turns out, a majority of the board is against bike lanes on principle! Turns out these car-driving, subway-taking neighborhood leaders just flat out have a visceral dislike of bicyclists. They think the two-wheelers are rude and ornery and ill-behaved. ...
NYC Oil Drum monitors quite a recent run in bicycling deaths:
also. yesterday evening around 7 pm a young girl (10-11 y/o) was struck by a minivan at the intersection of Scholes and Leonard. I don’t know if she will make it and I didn’t actually see the incident, just the aftermath. However, i have a hard time (toby…disaffected) directing blame at a child (laying on the side of the road, bleeding from the nose and mouth due to internal injuries), when well over two thirds of this cities drivers speed with no regard for anyone outside of their own existance. Furthermore it is a shame that we allow our egos and schedules to affect the lives of others to the point of killing them.

Comment by bo — August 16, 2006 @ 5:19 pm | Link
We had a local bicycling death just yesterday. I see no possible excuse for this happening on or near a university campus. Bicycle and truck going through a yellow light at the same time: a helmet won't help and guess who wins?


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