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Saturday, September 09, 2006

At It Again

The commenters at HuffPo have universally dumped on the latest oil economics "analysis" by Raymond Learsy. This time Learsy has gone ga-ga over the latest deep-water GOM find and has taken to calling those not imbued his insider commodities trader knowledge as "peak oil pranksters". Learsy has posted regularly on oil and it appears that readers have started to catch on to his strategy of trying to create a populist wedge issue by placing himself against "Big Oil" and the corporatist's manipulation of prices. Take a look and you will find that no one buys his attitude and instead considers him a projectionist shill. One of the only commenters to agree with Learsy amusingly said this:
There is no shortage of oil. Professor of Physics at Cornell University, Thomas God, has proven that natural gas and oil come from deep reservoirs in the earth and are the result of material out of which the earth condensed. Those who believe gas and oil are biogenic hydrocarbons are dupes of the oil industry.

By: Ardie on September 09, 2006 at 01:40pm
Note the Freudian slip, Thomas God. Say no more, we all realize that God knows all.

Avedon at The Sideshow finds a brilliant quote that pure capitalists such as Learsy deliberately eliminate from their worldview:
A letter in Wednesday's International Herald Tribune:

"President George W. Bush has rightly pointed out that America is addicted to oil, but he fails to note the predictable consequences.

Addicts break into houses, steal stuff and shoot people. America is breaking into countries, stealing stuff and shooting people. Why is anyone surprised that those homeowners object to our addictive behavior? - Sheila Stoll Morcote, Switzerland


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