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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stock Cars and Stock Puppet

Look to the right for an endangered species. The hairy NASCAR freak. Fortunately, our continual world-wide oil depletion has likely stopped his de-evolution in its tracks. Instead, human selection will proceed in accordance with the highly advanced hairless prototype road-bikers who would gladly trade in their Lady Bics for a skin-tight model.

I ran across the Neanderthal pic in the process of tracking down a reference by the coke-addled stock-market analyst Larry Kudlow, who said that with the latest deep-water finding in the Gulf, we now can count on "kajillions" of oil in reserve. This audio exaggeration happened on the Spew Spewitt radio show, who alas did not have the particular transcript. But he did have a few other transcripts up, which happened to have got impregnated with some type of latent Y2K virus or more likely follow the new Pat Robertson "special end-times calendar".

Do these right-wing nutters possess any intelligence at all? We just finished the State Fair here and the visiting Spewitt unwittingly got mocked by his sponsor, accurately portraying him as a 'minionist-on-stick.

Looks painful. But hey, definitely worth the ritual sacrifice for the discovery of a hard-to-reach, expensive, and unreliable source of fossil fuel.

And that constitutes the once-a-year right-wing nutter mention of our apparently solved oil predicament -- summed up by a single word: kajillions.

The great Digby elaborates on the Spew's unctuousness.


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