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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Easy Money

Stuff goes down the memory hole pretty quickly these days and anything having to do with complex financial pyramid schemes usually has the half-life of a fruit-fly. On that note, Digby resurrects the gutting of Iraq's finances in Bremer's Baby.

Towards the end, he mentions that a complete unraveling of the plot-line would require a movie treatment. Wise choice for the MEGO generation.

Scene: Pair of lucky goofs Monte and Nicky enter department store
Saleslady: "May I help you?"
Dangerfield: "No, thank you, we're just browsing."
Saleslady: "How long do you intend to browse?"
Pesci: "Hey, that lady over there, you didn't ask her how long she intends to browse....How come you askin' us, how long we intend to browse?"
Saleslady: "You don't look like browsers."
Dangerfield: "Oh yeah? Well, maybe I'm half-browser."
Pesci: "Yeah, on his father's side."
Dangerfield & Pesci (together): "browse ... browse ... browse ... browse"
Pesci: "No no, take the job, take the job. The first thing we'll do is fire that broad downstairs, who stopped us from browsin'."

I can see why Digby doesn't foresee any takers for the "Oil for Food" movie treatment.


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