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Monday, May 09, 2005

See Change

Silliest and most seriously misguided television commercial of all time courtesy of General Electric:
Given its past, GE is risking environmentalists' wrath with what it calls its new "eco-imagination" campaign. In one television ad, attractive male and female models, their biceps exposed and flexed, pose as coal miners while a voiceover tells viewers that GE is making coal more beautiful.
Straight out of a Michael Mann production, shown in what appears a glistening underground mine, the Ad-men prefer to glamorize the ugly past and ignore the equally ugly present.

Ignoring tank-top clad coal mining models, those who care refer non-euphemistically to the reality of the present-day coal industry as "Mountain Top Removal":

I can't find Erik Reece's Harper's article on radical strip mining online, but check these links on author interview, opinion, and activism.

Update: An MPEG of the infamous GE commercial


Professor Blogger Heading out said...

One of the reasons that women were not allowed to work in British coal mines was that when things got warm, clothes came off (in some cases all off in the deeper mines of Kent).

Today the mines are much cleaner and safer in the US, and mining is not that dangerous a career here, though the conditions and safey in places like Russia and China are still very bad

7:29 AM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

Interesting to know about Britain, but the number of underground mines left in the USA is miniscule. Most everything is stripped here, leaving a flattened moonscape behind. That's why the GE TV commercials of underground coal miners is so deceptively cruel.

10:58 AM  

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