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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Renuzit America

The web site Renew America contains some of the most amazingly tortured logic I have seen when it comes to defending our oil economy. I thought to frist two articles for content. The first, an older article blogged at Grist recently provides a good warm-up act: Gordon Bloyer writing about "The truth about oil damage"
In 1964 Ronald Reagan said, "The problem with liberals is not that they are ignorant, the problem is that they know so much that is not so."

Liberals know so much that is not so about oil drilling, it could fill a large book. The liberals spread these myths to stop oil drilling in Alaska. The San Francisco Chronicle is one of the biggest spreaders of oil mythology. It is time to tell the truth about oil.

One of the liberal myths about oil is that oil spills damage the environment. We can look at history and discover that no oil spill has caused long-term damage to the ecology or the environment. Santa Barbara, California, had one of the largest oil spills in history. Today you can visit the city and its beaches, and you would never know a spill took place. The Exxon Valdez sunk off the coast of Alaska, no sign of damage today. The real proof is that during World War II, thousands of ships were sunk off coasts all over the world, no sign of damage today. Over twenty ships were sunk in Pearl Harbor, no signs of damage today.

The evidence is overwhelming. Oil has been flowing out of the center of the earth under the sea for thousands of years. It has been shown on underwater cameras on the Discovery Channel. The oil dissipates. Do I have to repeat the obvious? There is no long-term damage from oil spills.

Today, the oil companies have technology that reduces the chances of oil spills, and it also has much better clean up procedures. No one should fear oil spills. If the media told the truth, they would help educate America about the lack of danger. Instead, they lie and distort.

Another myth is that oil spills will kill animal species. This is an easy one to dispel. Ask an environmentalist to name a single species that no longer exists because of an oil spill. They can’t name any. Do animals die when an oil spill occurs? Yes. Is it more important for America to gain more oil independence or to save a few animals? The answer is obvious. The truth is that animal species are thriving around oil drilling in Alaska. The liberal Leslie Stahl proved this on 60 Minutes last year. Would she lie? Don’t answer that. This time she was not lying.

The truth is, oil spills cause no long-term damage. Spills do not kill off animal species. The chance of oil spills is greatly reduced by new technology. There is no reason not to drill for oil anywhere. Now you know the truth. Go out and educate America.
So Mr. Bloviator, if you ever invite me over to your house (Mr. Subliminal: not likely!), you will probably not get overly disturbed if I voided a load (a medical term) on your living room carpet. Heck, scientists could probably prove that fecal matter, in a passive state, has never caused any ill-effects to those living in close proximity. I also don't think that smell will raise any concerns; what with the summer season fast approaching, you can always open the windows to disperse the bad odors. And as to long-term effects, I can't imagine the stool to take up permanent residence next to the La-Z-Boy.

But just in case, Renuzit Cleaner looks like a good bet for messy spills. Almost the technological breakthrough that Mr. Bloyer talks about. Look at these actual testimonials from actual people:
"I cannot say enough about Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer. I have tried the other brands and this is by far the best product of its kind. I have recommeded it to all my friends. I have a bottle of it in every room in the house, in the car and in my office. I have two big dogs, a ferret and three smokers in my house and you would never know it. Thanks for this wonderful product."

Bronx, NY

"Our dog was sprayed by a skunk the Super Odor Neutralizer worked to remove the smell out of the garage, carpets and furniture within a day! Great product!!!"


"When we bought our home, the prior owners had left Super Odor Neutralizer in a cupboard, I tried it and have been hooked ever since. It is by far the most superior air freshner I have ever used. I recommend it to everyone!! It works awesome in so many areas--bathroom, musty basement..you name it, and Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer does the job without being overpowering. My only recommendation is to include more scents in the line. Three scents is not nearly enough."

Fargo, ND

"I have tried everything to make my house smell good and fresh.. but now I heard about Renuzit Apple & Cinnamon and I love it. Thank you for making the air freshener. Keep up the good work."

Akron, OH

"Crisp Cotton is the best scent you have come up with yet. It covers bad odors completely and lasts a long time. You should make the scent available in the candles too."

Austin, TX

"I was desperate to remove a kitten's urine odor from my very expensive upholstered living room chair, that I didn't even care if the fabric was left discolored. I used two gallons of Nature's Miracle but it failed to work, except that it discolored the fabric. Before throwing it away in a last chance effort I purchased Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer, Citrus Sunburst, because I wanted a liquid, not an aerosol. I can't believe that it worked, and it didn't ruin the fabric!! I am so impressed with this product that I tell everyone, especially if they have cats!!! Thanks."

Westfield, NJ

"I recently purchased your Renuzit Vacuum Free Carpet Freshening Foam.( After the Rain). This stuff is absolutely best product ever made for the consumer. This stuff works wonderful after I've cleaned the carpet with Resolve. It has such a pleasant smell and no work needed. It's totally awesome!! Thank you for your efforts to improve and diversify your products. You have succeeded!!"

Cape Coral, FL

"I really love the Citrus Sunburst Super Odor Neutralizer!!! The mist system is quiet, for refreshing when someone is sleeping nearby. Glade tried to imitate the mister, but their mist tends to drop, and is to heavy and messy. My husband, who constantly purchases sprays, as he hates the smell of his OWN cigsrette, and has recently commented on the effectiveness of the Super Neutralizer."

East Point, GA

"I just wanted to let you know I like this Caribbean Cooler aerosol and have even taken it to work."

Calabasas, CA

"I am very pleased with your Raspberry adjustable air freshener. It is a strong scent that also lasts long."

Chicago, IL

"Love the Sage and Lavender and Mint together."

Newhall, CA

"I really love my house to smell like Star Spangled Berry."

Rock Island, IL

"Just wanted to commend you on your Fresh Elements line of aerosol room sprays. I will use no others since I came across this product at my daughter's house. Thank you for a superior product."

Trout Creek, MI

"Just wanted you to know how much we like this Crisp Cotton fragrance. What a delightful smell, not overpowering, just clean and fresh. Wonderful!"

Cut Off, LA

"This Crisp Cotton is the best air freshener I have ever tried. Bought 5 cans from the store, I love this."

Desert Hot Springs, CA

"I like your products, they are reasonably priced."

Nancy, KY

"Love the Renuzit products and the array of them!"

Rome, GA

"I like the smell of these Apple & Cinnamon electric cartridges."

Irvington, NJ

"Super Odor Neutralizer smells great! I have the Citrus Sunburst, and the smell lasts for awhile!"

MS State, MS

"I have used the Renuzit Super Odor Neutralizer for several weeks and I am really pleased with the results! In most cases, it completely eliminates the odor. I especially enjoy its Citrus Sunburst fragrance."

Garland, TX

"I just had to call and tell you how great this Super Odor Neutralizer product is! I have my house up for sale and this is terrific in leaving a nice clean scent without being overpowering."

New London, OH

"I just wanted you to know how well this Super Odor Neutralizer works. I go to a lot of yard sales, and some things can be pretty smelly. This works wonders!"

Denver, PA

"I just moved into a brand new house. We have a cat. Well after only 2 weeks in a brand new home the cat decided to use the rug for a litter box. I tried your Super Odor Neutralizer and it worked!"

Jacksonville, FL

"Your Super Odor Neutralizer Spray is excellent! I used it in Las Vegas to get the smell of cigarettes out of our clothes when we returned to our room. When we got home, there was no smell whatsoever from the smoke!"

Gardena, CA

"This Super Odor Neutralizer Spray is awesome! Our dog left several presents all over the house yesterday, and this spray completely eliminated all odor. Thank You!"

British Columbia

No, Thank You, Happy Customers! I feel almost halfway there in filling my large liberal book of knowledge with useful information.

Next up as main act from RenewAmerica: "Energy myth: nary a scarcity with such standards"


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