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Monday, May 09, 2005

Double Nickles on the Dime

"And no one got the thing about double nickels on the dime. It’s about doing the speed limit exactly." -- Mike Watt on the all time great punk record

NY Times1 published an article on the possible return of the 55 MPH speed limit. I will back the modest proposal, as even the most amazing innovation since 18002 can barely reach that speed.

"I used to ride my bike a lot as a teenager and I stopped for 22 years. This guy was moving and he sold me his ten-speed for $5 and I end up writing the opera on the bike. It’s part of my ritual every morning. I’m not really a jock or an athlete or anything, but I am 44 and uh…there is a certain physicalness (laughs)…I mean, I feel a change in me. Like, gigs are really intense. When I’m playing a song, it’s okay. But when the song’s over, I kinda have to hold on to the amp. I feel a physicalness bearing on me. I have to do some things to head that off." -- Mike Watt of the all time great punk band, Minutemen

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2This online poll was reportedly flooded with votes via a coordinated campaign by biking enthusiasts.


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