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Friday, May 06, 2005

Holes: Shot full of

I can not pass up this fresh meat, dished up by the head of a homeschooling cooperative (that sounds as oxymoronic as dogs playing cards ).
It is a complicated subject, but now I am familiar with the two theories of the origin of petroleum, the conventional one that assumes that oil is biogenic, originating as plant and animal matter and the other, that it is abiogenic, it or its raw material having been formed with the earth when it was formed 4.5 billion years ago.

My learning curve began several years ago with a short article that described the oil field beneath the Eugene 330 oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. I lost the clipping but did not forget the story of a dried up oil well that was refilling itself.
Oh my god, he lost the clipping! The fool, he could have ruined everything! Without that clipping, we might have plain given up and went ahead and gosh darn gone done stocked up on vats of lard and sawed off shotguns.

But then, THE COMEBACK KID makes a spectacular recovery:
This spring when I found a new discussion of Eugene 330, essentially describing the same conditions, my original conclusions of a mantle filled with or manufacturing petroleum were reinforced, leading to the conclusion that the world’s supply of oil was essentially limitless But by now the Peak Oil people were out in force and desperate to prove that we are due to run out of oil soon, and must prepare ourselves for war and/or starvation.
Whew, missed that one by this much: > <. Plainly nothing to see here folks, just keep moving along. Go about your business. Workers control the means of production.
One clincher in the debate is that Peak Oil writings are terribly muddled.
Well, gee, I don't know, on the one hand no, but on the other hand, maybe? Geez, Beav, why'd you have to go and do that? Wally, W-W-Wally, um, um, what does muddled mean? Is mom gonna get mad I got muddled?
The other is the suspicion that its adherents seem to fall into Professor Kuhn’s description of people who cannot accept anything outside their conventional world, people who cannot be scientifically critical, whose every belief must fit their current paradigm.
Shhh. Quiet fellow doomsayers. Be very quiet. ... Here that? (distant murmers of Sun-Myung Moon's followers praying and another crystal cathedral construction crew) Is that the sound of a paradigm shifting?


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