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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Oil-for-Forgeries in the Senate

I posted the following to the DailyKos comment thread, due largely to my curiosity in what got retracted from the senate's web site concerning George Galloway's testimony. I had heard a few claims in the past day that someone removed the PDF's because the contents revealed amateurish cut&paste forgeries.


Note the 5th line down and how the font typeface is much smaller than the other ones. And note who is on that line -- George Galloway. And note how crookedly his name is aligned!

I assume this is the forgery various commenters have been referring to. Oh, the wonders of GlueStick .

Note: In case the above image does not show up, I also stored it at ImageShack


Professor Blogger Big Gav said...

Nice work.

I was surprised by how much press George's trip to Washington got.

This little article in the aftermath probably made me laugh the most :


6:35 AM  

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