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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Folly -> Mind Boggling

Reading The Correction's lament over the coal industry's conquest to decimate the Appalachian region, it occurred to me that we can add another political marketing euphemism to our lexicon. See third bullet on the following list:
  • Clear Skies: Ridding the migratory highways of birds1.
  • Healthy Forests: Providing the young saplings with some breathing room.
  • Clean Coal: Sanitizing and flattening for your convenience.
I still find it mind-boggling how entire mountain sides can get levelled by the rolling-pin handiwork of a handful of strip miners.

This country may continue to see a brain-drain of young people willing to partake in cerebral studies, but we will forever maintain a supply of workers capable of "blowin' up things real good".

1 Explication courtesy of Al Franken


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