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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Drool Fuel

Stirling Newberry discovers that the right-wing blogosphere runs on an endless supply of drool fuel. This magical substance keeps vague pseudo-scandals alive by feeding the keyboards of the army of darkness. The fuel currently sustains the United Nations sponsored "Oil For Food" program scandal. It comes in various forms but has certain salient characteristics:
The right wing has to protect the oil for food franchise, because it is a bottomless well of unbacked allegations, and has a deep source in Iraq that can manufacture whatever evidence is needed. It has the keys to the files and plenty of letterhead.
Not to mention projecting their own scandalous behavior on to others: "Texas businessman indicted in U.N. oil-for-food probe"

Attaturk places Minnesota's senator Norm Coleman as the Energizer Bunny of the administration's plan to keep the scandal alive. Coleman But Coleman will likely buckle after making accusations against Britain's MP George Galloway:
George Galloway pledged that he would give a "bloody good hiding" to a US Senate committee over accusations that he was granted allocations for millions of barrels of oil from Saddam Hussein's regime.
Unfortunately, Coleman can only rely on his rusty rhetorical skills:
The firebrand left-winger will clash with Mr Coleman, the ambitious freshman senator for Minnesota whose website says that "full-throated debate on the issues of the day" were always on the menu at his childhood kitchen table.
And further diminished over the bong during his formative years:
Sen. Norm Coleman: I was a roadie for ten years after 1969. I drove a truck for Jethro Tull. Carried some equipment for Savoy Brown.
Interestingly, other references have Coleman as a roadie for the band named "Ten Years After". Senator Coleman, how long exactly were you a roadie? Is this another drool fuel-inspired coverup?

I sense another scandal brewing.


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