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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Oil for the Spilling

Via The Sideshow, word comes out that unreported oil spills remain unreported except by Jason Leopold at Counterpunch.

A suburban drive away from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the oil spills at Prudhoe Bay may apparently rival the Exxon Valdez in size if left uncontained.

Minnesota Republican Senator, former roadie, and mayor/KSTP talk-show host Norm Coleman wants the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge off-limits to oil exploration. With his flameout performance questioning British MP George Galloway over a leukemia charity (disguised as an oil-for-food scam?!?), Coleman remains an enigma. Even I could predict how obviously he would get pummelled. Is Norm really just a subversive, intent on making the right-wing look bad? (not that they need much help) Otherwise, why would he take a chance getting served up like that?

On the other hand, commentator, former KSTP talk show host, and Minnesota blogger James Lileks has perfected the art of imitating a right-wing nut. He has fooled many people, IMO. His performance art spanning the last few years will make a fine book, once he tires of the extremely realistic portrayal/charade he keeps dreaming up. And if Lileks isn't the one to reveal himself, somebody will; I would consider it a brilliant marketing strategy. Cynical as I am, I can see the book writing itself.


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