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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Biking Wedge Issue

C.Mooney : For recreation, Bush goes bike riding in wildlife refuges--clearing everyone else out whenever he's around--even as he then turns around and cuts their funding. What a jerk. Doesn't our president ever think to ask himself, as he pedals along, how the refuges are faring?President BaBushCo's biking activities have provoked many pundits to make snide remarks. I haven't in general agreed with the negativity, but then Chris Mooney provided some insight along with a link to this WaPo column:
The president bikes on Patuxent's Central Tract, which is not open to public visits, but rather serves as home to scientists who conduct experiments on soil and animals. To save money on staffing, Patuxent's 20 miles of trails on its North Tract now close four hours earlier, an especially tough blow for fishermen whose only access to a prime fishing pond had been during those later hours (it's closed during the day because it's next to a National Security Agency shooting range).
How fitting. A life-size terrarium specially fitted for chimps and assorted other lizards.


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