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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

XM TuneSelect List

Many bloggers like to regularly post their iPod shuffled playlists, often implying some sort of synchronicity in the arrangement of tunes. What can I say, but these lists tire me, and so I offer up a trendy alternative. XM Radio has a neat feature that allows the listener to lock on an artist currently playing, add that to a search list, and which then beeps at you when that artist gets played again on any of the umpteen channels that XM broadcasts over. My current TuneSelect:
  1. Kate Bush
  2. Minutemen
  3. Go! Team
  4. Buzzcocks
  5. Al Green
  6. Boz Scaggs
  7. Waterboys
  8. General Public
  9. Fifth Dimension
  10. Honey Cone
  11. Steve Martin
  12. Julian Cope
  13. Hem
  14. Tahiti 80
  16. Roxy Music
  18. Phoenix
  19. Todd Rundgren
  20. Husker Du
You get limited to 20 items and you can't enter new ones by a keypad, so the list slowly morphs over time as interesting bands pop up. (The spelling makes a huge difference as the search only does an exact match.) Apart from that my favorite XM channels include Soul Street (channel 60) and of course Air America (channel 167) -- read this for the latest AAR travails.

I recently posted on David Byrne getting his bike stolen; well, Ray Davies had it happen as well, in the midst of the New Orleans chaos from a year ago, and worse yet got shot at prior to the petty theft.
And lastly, I think about the bicycle I left behind. New Orleans is almost entirely flat --— as the world knows all too well now -- and I found that a bike ride was a great way to get around while strengthening my injured leg.

When I left last year I forgot to put the padlock on my bike. Whoever took it, I pray that they get to ride it around the French Quarter again soon.
I will add The Kinks to my TuneSelect as soon as they hit the XM screen crawl.


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