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Friday, June 30, 2006

Kos says bike racing favorite sport

Therefore we must obey and consent to the fact that we like bicycle racing the bestest. Because Kos says so.

Alas, sad that so many Tour de France riders recently got disqualified in numbers worse than the previous doping episode in 1998. I realize that dopants and steroids can do a number on your system, but I have a weirdly unconventional take on the issue. As I remarked last year during Lance's last le Tour, what would happen if we indeed created a safe drug that made us all into super-commuters -- bicycle riders that wouldn't get tired and recovered quickly after long trips to the work place and back.

In the end, Kos says that the Tour racers shouldn't break the rules. I respectfully disagree and would recommend that the race revoke all rules, save for pedal power. Tradition doesn't automatically survive paradigm shifts. If the racers want to act as guinea pigs, let them have at it. It would amount to a hedge bet for potential medical advances in the future. As it stands, the rapid descents on the Tour hills approach death-defying levels that I would never engage in. May the best technology win.


Professor Anonymous Gerry said...

Don't forget, these are professional athletes (I think Lance was right up there with Tiger Woods in earnings, somewhere around $19 million). And not all those athletes want to artificially manipulate their metabolisms (maybe something to do with having a family and living to see grandchildren). So I guess in an effort to keep the field level, it's a good idea to limit performance enhancements to plain old training, diet, equipment.

6:19 AM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

Fine line here.

One form of steroid can increase athletic performance.

Another kind of steroid saves thousands of childhood leukemia patients lives per year. Lives that would be lost not that long ago.

Lance would be the first to agree with the effectiveness of better living through chemotherapy.

8:06 PM  
Professor Anonymous divyesh jain said...

i divyesh jain hereby completely agreed to the advise given by the above experts, but when the young generation forgets their capability of doing something then i have to take them up. remember the most haunted words in someone life

5:01 PM  
Professor Blogger marry said...

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