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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Azimuth hit the ground

"The rocket -- as I say, I'm not exactly sure what the azimuth (his emphasis) was of the rocket. We've got our people still analyzing that."
Like, exactly out to sea?

Likely Chucklenuts just learned the word today... Say, George, what happens when you fall off your bike?

"My aszz-mutht hit the ground."

Good, George, now can you use the word 'isthmus' in a sentence?

"Is mus be mah lucky day."

Geo-politics, solved.

Arianna wrote some biting commentary at the HuffPo on the "Who Killed the Electric Car?" documentary.
GM has responded to the positive critical response the film has received with a sniveling blog post written by a company PR flack
The blog response she refers to reveals the odd momentum that corporate alternative energy ideas have taken. I remember noting with optimism when GM started their FastLane blog back in January 2005. They used to accept comments back then. Do they now? Fat chance.


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