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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Ice roads and helicopter pads, which will melt each spring, will minimize man's footprint, which will be on a 2,000-acre plot about one-fifth the size of Dulles Airport. Nevertheless, opponents say the environmental cost is too high for what the ineffable John Kerry calls "a few drops of oil." Some drops. The estimated 10.4 billion barrels of recoverable oil -- such estimates frequently underestimate actual yields -- could supply all the oil needs of Kerry's Massachusetts for 75 years.
Let us all follow George Will's advice, pile into the van, and move to Massachusetts. This should keep us supplied with oil for three more generations, at least.

Moral: A pair of granny glasses does not a deep thinker make.

Update: Others have caught on to this spin, from Peak.Oil.com:
* Draws a dotted line on the graph , pushing the peak back another week or so *

Is this what we are reduced to ?

No doubt some effort has gone into this "discovery" and it amounts to a weeks worth of oil ? And it warrants "huge" ?

Im rather dissapointed in the BBC for not qualifying exactly what 700 million barrels really means in the big scheme of things. There should have been a foot note or something saying how much the world uses a day , or a year to put things into perspective.

I guess some politicians will indicate that its like a billion years worth of oil for Nebraska or something.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Groege Will the guy who took Carter Debate talking point documents and passed it to Ronald Regans's team?

12:25 AM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

the one and the same. Many of these pundits used to be speechwriters for pols.

7:57 AM  
Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it this is in relation to the issues on expanding the north shore oil reserves in Alaska?

if so... here's my thoughts...

#1 10 billion barrels is a significant number...

#2 the caribou can be moved... actually they'll move themselves. Most people really do not realize the expanse of the area. Figure out the sq miles of unaffected area vs. the very few sq miles, maybe even less than one of affected area... 640 acres = 1 sq mile.

#3 We CAN go for the oil with a minimum environmental/ecological impact footprint... directional drilling... do it all the time for undersea well fields. All done from a 1 or 2 acre platform...

#4 Oil limitations is rapidly becoming the #3 threat to national security and economic viability... illegal aliens is number 2 at 338 billion dollars a year the are currently costing us. Yes, $338 billion total costs. 47 billion/yr is sent back to the native country(s) and no longer part of our economic circles... at 7:1 income generation... THINK about that! And you wonder why Mexico doesn't really care and is likely a proponent of it...

For those of your who can not relate to a billion anythings... write out 1000 times 1000, 1000 times... multiply that by 338.

After you do that figure out the odds on the lottery... super lotto is about 6.7 times 10^9th... (1 : 6.7 billion) just another tax... and voluntary at that.

(46*45*44*43*42*41) think about that. Order of magnitudes more if they go with bigger and 7 numbers...

But the Number ONE threat!!!! We wont even describe the multi trillion dollar national debt. A trillion = a million millions... go ahead work it out. 10 to the 12th... oh and then multiply that by 700 and some I think. 700 and some trillion dollar debt... isn't that what I heard?

Can't relate to that?...neither can the politicians evidently...

3:29 PM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

... in the greater scheme of things, ... eh, you won't understand.

6:50 PM  

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