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Sunday, December 18, 2005

This bothers me too

I side with Dave Johnson on the attitude of a significant portion of the SlashDot fellowship toward global warming. Pretty sad in my opinion.

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by Himring (646324) on Sunday December 18, @10:24AM (#14284962)
There might be a surplus of seals since the bears won't
be around to eat them so go ahead and hunt them too.

So this baby seal walks into a club....

Try the veal....
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by fatmal (920123) on Sunday December 18, @05:58PM (#14287491)
Q: What's a fur seals favourite drink?

A: Canadian Club on the Rocks!!
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SlashDot has this weird rule that if you pay membership dues you get early viewing and commenting priviliges to news posts. Lot of good this does for the quality of the opinions, eh?


Professor Anonymous Fatkiddown said...


This Fatkiddown. I posted the comment you put in your blog. First, I pay nothing to /. at all. I see the articles when I can see them, not before. Second, I'm actually a professed conservationalist myself. What I am guilty of is coarse joking. I am sorry and I throw myself entirely on the mercy of court....

Otherwise, good blog you have. Keep it up.


7:42 AM  

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