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Friday, December 09, 2005

How will this spin?

Will LATOC start like this?
Meanwhile, villagers in the community of Dongzhou in the southern province of Guangdong said armed police were continuing to hold them at bay, four days after authorities allegedly opened fire on thousands of demonstrators protesting the amount of compensation being offered for land to be used in the construction of a wind power plant.
Watch in the next few days as this will either get spun as "China: The very worst in fascism" (by the right-wing wurlitzer) or "Time to head for the hills?" (by the die-off crowd) or, the rather highly unlikely, "I have no freaking idea what this means" (by me).

If Greenpeace somehow gets implicated as the bad guy in the altercation, I beg of you, please, just shoot me now. I would rate this as the projection to end all projections. Darn eco-nazis, trying to foment another Cultural Revolution. I just knew we couldn't trust them. Thank GOD, we didn't elect Gore.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

No spin needed. The plant being built is a coal plant. However, the mental image of peasants protesting wind mills because they take up too much land or spoil an area fishery gives new meaning to "tilting at windmills".

"Dongzhou's villagers oppose the construction of a coal-fired power plant partly on land reclaimed from the nearby Baisha saltwater lake. Although construction of the 6.2bn yuan (£440m) development began in 2003, residents say they have not been compensated for lost income and land or the likely deterioration in the air and water quality. For the past two months, they have blocked the road into the construction site."


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