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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Rugged Individualist

I took a respite today from The War Against the Car. Due to blowing snow, I took a pass on commuting via bike this morning and ended up losing a battle to the rugged in-duh-vidualists at the Walled Street Journal.
Welcome to the modern-day Luddite movement, which once raged against the machine, but now targets the automobile. Just last month, environmentalists organized a "world car-free day," celebrated in more than 40 cities in the U.S. and Europe. In the left's vision of utopia, cars have been banished -- replaced by bicycles and mass transit systems.
To be sure, if the entire membership of the Sierra Club and Greenpeace surrendered their cars, the world and the highways might very well be a better place. But for the rest of us the car is indispensable -- it is our exoskeleton. There's a perfectly good reason that the roads are crammed with tens of millions of cars and that Americans drive eight billion miles a year while spurning buses, trains, bicycles and subways. Americans are rugged individualists who don't want to cram aboard buses and subways.
Coming back to reality, I have found that the smaller U-locks work just as well as the bigger Kryptonites as a prophylactic against thieves. You can easily slip it in your pocket and just about any hand-rail will work. Strange that I finally figured this out after all these years.

I may have lost a battle today, but with my new lock cum brass-knuckle, I may end up winning the war.


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