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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Curb Global Warming

I caught a short Larry David interview on the Ring of Fire radio show. As part of this campaign, Larry/Laurie David put together quite a cast for a comedy special called "Earth to America!". The cast includes Jack Black Cedric "The Entertainer" Rob Corddry Larry David Will Ferrell Tom Hanks Julia Louis-Dreyfus Bill Maher Steve Martin Kevin Nealon (Subliminal Man) Ray Romano Martin Short Ben Stiller Wanda Sykes Robin Williams The Cast Of Avenue Q Robert F Kennedy Jr., Triump The Insult Comic Dog (Story at Grist.com)

I would definitely tune in tomorrow if I had cable. Nothing else has helped to put the brakes on behavior contributing to global warming; perhaps comedy will work its wonders.

The So-called Mafia of the Elite (SMOTE) has shown quite a bit of drive in bringing global warming issues to the media forefront. Fox TV had a show on last week concerning global warming. Some questions got raised on how they got head honcho Roger Ailes to support the production. Some say that Ailes got swayed by an Al Gore speech. I say doubtful based on his long-standing right-wing stance. I happened to catch RFK Jr on Ring of Fire last week and he said that Ailes owed him a favor based on their long-time friendship, dating back to time they spent together outdoors (camping I believe) many years ago.

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