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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mourning Sedition

A few hours away for the last Morning Sedition radio program.

Why, oh why, can't the vast resources of the USA commercial sector maintain a broadcast medium with the level of humor and thoughtfulness that Marc and Mark have provided the last 20 months?

Update: Stirring last show. Lots of bloggers piped in to say goodbye and good luck. Marc Maron clearly did not want to leave the program, as he recalled never once not looking forward to coming in early to cohost. The yanking of this show chafes a lot of bloggers, including uber-guest James Wolcott. It angers me because I consider a good radio show like MS a lot like a personal blog or diary, and preventing someone from the airing of grievances on a blog just doesn't happen in these days of the internets. In contrast, when it occurs to a radio program, the juxtaposition of the grand potential of free-speech against corporatist decisions strikes my psyche pretty hard. Bloggers have it good, while commercial media remains totally dependent on the decisions of suits.


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