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Thursday, June 16, 2005

New Departments

From Catch.com, comes evidence that governmental agencies will likely change their focus to only support energy interests:
But comments Monday from new EPA chief Stephen Johnson made the agency sound like a lapdog, not a watchdog.

Speaking to the Western Governors' Association's conference in Breckenridge, Johnson said the EPA should encourage energy development and ease the environmental permit process. He said he wants the EPA to be a "catalyst for energy development." - Denver Post
With that, I foresee a bunch of new slogans for other BushCo agencies:
  • FDA -- "distillation of health foods for ethanol content"

  • FCC -- "use of radio towers to transmit high density microwave energy"

  • PTO -- "let's rethink perpetual motion"

  • GAO -- "now a Halliburton subsidiary"

  • NOAA -- "global warming as an energy source"

  • USGS -- "caves as a housing bubble hedge"

  • FAA -- "retrofitting Piper cubs for Mars oil exploration missions"

  • DOT -- "more studies on teleportation"

  • VOA -- "Voice of Arabia"


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