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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Epilogue: (Not A Quinn-Martin Production)

Excerpt: "August 1, 1972 Memorandum. This memorandum suggests that Lt Col Killian verbally suspended Bush from flying status. However, the official Bush records document that it was then-Col Hodges who suspended Lt Bush and that he did so solely because Lt Bush had failed to take his flight physical and not for the additional reason that he had failed to meet TexANG standards."

There we have it. The Right Side of the Loogysphere has been formally vindicated and made it A-OK for every National Guardsman to miss their physical, yet retain exacting military standards. And plus they get to be suspended from duty, much like a vacation, yet retain exacting military standards. And plus they get to try out experimental drugs while on vacation because they know they can bypass their physical, all the while upholding high military standards. Plus while they are on suspension, they can avoid having to fly dangerous helicopters and planes, while significantly meeting exacting standards. Also while on suspension, they can avoid going to war in Iraq, simply by upholding exacting military standards. And to almost top it off, they can avoid getting killed in Iraq, thus accommodating some misfortunate stand-in to get blown up by a roadside bomb, just by paying attention to rigorous standards.

Working together, the fortunate sons can continue to use political connections to pen oil deals and receive sweetheart contracts, both here and abroad, for years on end.

But, and this is a big but, the ANG fellow can't do this forever, because they will drag his butt back in when he is 55 or older into some dreadful war over oil, long after his suspension has ended, but his John Hancock not forgotten.

Excerpt: "Instead, 60 Minutes Wednesday answered with an unyielding and strident defense and lost the battle."

Pay no heed, truth-seekers. The snots who have just won the battle do not necessarily end up winning the war.

Update: Palast


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