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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Meat Sticks

Since I really get into statistics and enjoy the outlier as much as the next guy, this bit of weirdness seems ... real weird. I heard that the right-wing harpy Laura Ingraham had the number 1 ranked book on Amazon, so I decided to check it out. Sure enough, it had dropped from #1 and currently sat at #5 (but it still ranked #1 in political books). But I don't consider that the weird part; a particular review of the book wigged me out. One guy, who Amazon ranked as a "Top 50" reviewer, gave it 5 stars. Fair enough. But then I looked at what a "Top 50" reviewer constituted. This guy has 1467 reviews on Amazon, placing him in the top 50 in number of reviews posted. From what I sampled, they consisted mainly of 5-star reviews of fundie and neotard and republipig books. But this one particular review caught my eye - a review of the mystery meat food product known as Slim Jim
Never quite sure what it actually is, but it is a unique taste., August 24, 2006
Reviewer: Craig Matteson

There is a reason that Slim Jim doesn't ever quite say what it is. It isn't a beef stick. It isn't jerky. It is what it is. I remember eating them when they first came out and wondering what they were. Now, tasting them again, I remember the question. There is some kind of meat in there, but it is treated in a lot of different ways. A Slim Jim is still as greasy as I remember, as well. The trick is to enjoy them without eating them to excess. For what they are, they are convenient, tasty, and can be fun.

Was this review helpful to you?
To answer the last question: it really did help me. Now I know how these empty-headed meat-sticks think. But with a level of intellect below dirt, somebody must give them marching orders to follow.

In a related bit of strangeness, I heard the weirdest thing on the radio this morning. We have perhaps 4 right-wing talk stations around here and one of them has a B-lister named Jim Quinn in the morning, who broadcasts out of Pittsburgh and also gets streamed to XM satellite. I have listened occasionally cause the guy has the mildly entertaining presence of a cardiac-prone road ragester; but I find it particularly peculiar that the local station doesn't even bother to replace his show's commercials, and so they essentially rebroadcast all the Pittsburgh commercials and traffic reports here in the Twin Cities -- over AM radio! That makes no sense to me as I note in comparison that XM actually has the business savvy to replace the commercials with national interest.

So I think this gives proof positive that these Freeper radio stations don't make ANY money at all and they likely get indoctrinated by the reactionary mystery meat cabal, who evidently also hypnotize Amazon reviewers.


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