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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I find more interesting than the claim "Pennsylvania Man Claims He Made Fuel From Salt Water", that renowned MatSci researcher Rustum Roy stands by it:
"It's true, it works," Dr. Roy said. "Everyone told me, 'Rustum, don't be fooled. He put electrodes in there.' "

But there are no electrodes and no gimmicks, he said.
I remember happening across Roy's name many a time back in the day, and note here his prolific nature (almost 800 reviewed papers and patents).
RustumRoy.comRustum Roy cannot be described by any professional label. He has interwoven throughout his 60 year career both world-class science and active participation in reforming theology and the practice of religion. He is at once a distinguished research scientist and a social activist, a societal reformer and a champion of whole person healing (or CAM). He currently holds professorships at Penn State, Arizona State and the University of Arizona covering those fields.
hey Rusty, pull your underwear inside-out, stick it on your head, and people will clearly see how the Fruit-of-the-Loom label sticks.

When will people realize that you can't get something for nothing? Clearly in this case, the inventor put more EM energy into the water than energy taken out. This looks very similar to the 30,000 troop "surge" and then the 30,000 troop reduction that BushCo has proposed. And it also has similarities to special 30%-off sale items at the local department store that relatively recently had a 30% markup. Eventually, we will all catch on, hopefully en masse.

And finally a Rethug congressman openly admits that we have engaged in a war for oil. Nice to see at least a little bit of anti-marketing truth.

See Bob Park's take:
Anyway, he's not exactly a cancer researcher, he's a retired TV station engineer who discovered that retirement sucks - but that's been discovered before. He then decided to see if his RF generator would desalinate water, but when he tried the water caught on fire. He needed a scientist. Instead, he found Rustum Roy, an emeritus chemistry professor at Penn State, who called it "the most remarkable discovery in water science in 100 years." That would include "polywater," which Roy fell for 40 years ago. Roy said that RF weakens chemical bonds, releasing hydrogen which burns. It's the Bush "hydrogen initiative" fallacy again (WN 31 Jan 03) . Must I now lecture a chemistry professor on thermodynamics? More energy is needed to free hydrogen than you get by burning it. The story was shunned by major news outlets, except, of course, Fox News, which did point out that Rustum Roy is also "a specialist in holistic medicine and Christian sexuality."


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