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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Washington State Wedge

From a story on DKos, Emory Bundy tries his best to combat any forward progress on alternative modes of transportation. He foolishly tries to pooh-pooh light rail transport, saying that:
The leading forfeited opportunity is bicycling, the best possible transportation mode: cost-effective, energy-efficient, non-polluting, and healthy -- save for the danger from surrounding cars.
Bundy here produces the absolute definition of a canard. The repub freakazoids have absolutely no interest in supporting biking as an alternative. We see the same thing in the Twin Cities, although the stooges use another form of transportation as a canard, namely some idiotic form of personal rapid transport that tows around a few people at a time.

The purveyors of the wedge idea seek to further subdivide progressives into factions that will fight each other. You could see this building a few years ago.

Interesting that the Washington state anti light rail fight relates to the Discovery Institute (i.e. the Intelligent Design crowd), which includes Emory Bundy. I have no doubt that they have the same agenda as the fundamentalist movement, that god has deemed that humans have dominion over the earth and they will use every psychological and sociological trick to achieve their goals.


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