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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Crazy Horses

Freakback to 1972 and we find The Osmonds ranting about the horses of the Apocalypse and the pollution that they help create.
...What a show, there they go smokin’ up the sky, yeah.. Crazy horses are the riders in you and I...
Rocking Mormons, and what next but a blazing Mennonite in one Floyd Landis:
His past offers a key to his riding. Landis was one of six kids in a strict Mennonite household that banned modern influences such as TV and short pants. Bikes, however, were allowed. With close friend Eric Gebhard, he began riding at age 15 to reach their favorite fishing spots. Soon, riding became more fun than fishing. "We liked the competition, " Gebhard remembers. "But it was something more for Floyd It was an escape."


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