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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Robert Newman's History of Oil

People in the UK can see this show repeated:
Robert Newman's History of Oil will be repeated on 15 April, at 11.45pm on More4. The 60 minute show, based around Robert's stand up act, explores the role of oil in war and politics.


Quirky details such as a bicycle powered street lamp on the stage brings home the pertinent question of just how we are going to survive when the world's oil supplies are finally exhausted.

(via Avedon who gives it a thumbs up )

I will have to wait for the DVD.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can read the notes for Newman's one-man show, "The History of the World Backwards" at http://www.robnewman.com/history.html

Funny bits, but somewhat hard to conceptualize.... time goes forward, but history goes backwards. Women campaign to have the vote taken away. The Indians see Columbus sail back to Europe, taking with him the lest vestiges of European civilization....

On page 7 ( http://www.robnewman.com/history7.html ), Newman has something for us in the PO blogosphere:

1859, 'No More Oil' Ceremony, Titusville, Pennsylvania.

An open-air ceremony is held at the capping of the world’s last ever oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Colonel Edwin L Drake discoverer of this, the world’s last legal oil-well gives a speech before turning the valve shut on the Hydrocarbon Age.

COLONEL DRAKE: Let us congratulate ourselves for achieving this soft landing. Climate stabilization has been socially managed so that the transition from an oil-based society has dovetailed perfectly with the ecological imperative to keep oil in the ground. Yes, we have been helped by Technology Die-off, which has meant a declining ability to take oil out of the ground since the Peak Oil year of 2007...

- Bart ( energybulletin.net )

1:37 AM  
Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazingly, someone decided to share History of Oil via BitTorrent. You can find a copy of the torrent file here: http://www.mininova.org/tor/280055

The filesharing enterprise is a murky moral backwater at best, but waiting would've been worse and Mr. Newman would more than likely understand.

10:17 AM  
Professor Blogger WHT said...

Ahead of you man. I updated with a new post -

I started watching it and it looks very cool.
thanks anyways.

7:54 PM  
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