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Monday, April 03, 2006

About two years ago

I missed Fossil Fool's day last Saturday, but, in reality, we face the same absurd, running joke every single day of the year. Just like we can't put the water back over the dam by sending back home 11 million illegal immigrants, no way can we stuff the oil genie back in the bottle. On both these issues, we have made absolutely the same mistake of turning our cheeks on the ongoing problem just to achieve short term gains.

Interesting that Michael Rube in the above HuffPo post quotes Kurt Vonnegut, of whose article I linked to in my first official blog posting nearly 2 years ago. Vonnegut talked about going cold turkey on oil. What makes this idea still intriguing -- and counter-intuitive at that -- we probably have a better chance of abruptly cutting back at energy use than fixing the immigration problem any time soon.


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