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Friday, March 31, 2006

Connect the DOT

From an interesting connect-the-dots read, this post from Daily Kos titled "Is Neil the link between Bush crime cartel and Dubai ports deal?" lays out some of the players. I can easily get lost in following the relationships, so I decided to whip out the freely-available GraphViz/DOT directed-graph tool to make it visually (un)appealing. Click on the thumbnail to see the fully connected network of cartel members.
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A net-list governs the components and edges in the layout (shown below); DOT does the rest of the rendering.

digraph BushCo {
EdRogers -> NewBridge;
EdRogers -> GeorgeHWBush;
EdRogers -> Diligence;
EdRogers -> BGR;
LannyGriffith -> BGR;
BGR -> RepublicanParty;
LannyGriffith -> NewBridge;
LannyGriffith -> GeorgeHWBush;
EdMathias -> Carlyle;
EdMathias -> Diligence;
DiligenceMiddleEast -> Diligence;
DiligenceMiddleEast -> NewBridge;
Diligence -> RichardBurt;
RichardBurt -> BGR;
RichardBurt -> Carlyle;
JoeAllbaugh -> NewBridge;
JoeAllbaugh -> Diligence;
JoeAllbaugh -> GeorgeWBush;
GeorgeHWBush -> Carlyle;
DubaiHoldings -> DubaiInternationalCapital;
DubaiHoldings -> DubaiInvestmentGroup;
DubaiInternationalCapital -> Carlyle;
JohnHowland -> NewBridge;
JamalDaniel -> NewBridge;
JohnHowland -> NeilBush;
JamalDaniel -> NeilBush;
NeilBush -> Crest;
Crest -> NewBridge;
NeilBush -> Ignite;
JamalDaniel -> Ignite;

DOT can create huge graphs, and BushCo weaves a tangled web, so I will keep adding linkages until the sucker breaks. I bet monkeygrinder appreciates this one.


Professor Anonymous Anonymous said...

The type example of these connections are by the artist Mark Lombardi (see: http://www.pierogi2000.com/flatfile/lombardi.html). Pre-graphiz days... And oh, there is a version of graphiz for Macintosh; simple structured language to produce the most complex of visualisations. Great tool !!

9:04 PM  
Professor Blogger JMS said...

I guess what really baked my noodle is when I heard tell of bush sr sr (prescott) doing business with hitler. So I discounted it out of hand. (Need everything be about hitler?) Then I found out that at the very least, the poppy pappy profited peculiarly from the prewar years.

Oh well. War and Profit go together for old money. Nothing shocking about that now or ever, still I shake my head at today's headline from Iraq:

With $200 million spent, few Iraq clinics finished

11:57 PM  

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